Delphine  du  Toit

Coach & Conflict Resolution Specialist
The Workplace Dynamics Consultant

Something's got to change?

ñ  Your new job is awesome and you want to make sure you succeed.

ñ  Work-life balance has become very important but you're battling to do it.

ñ  Your career is in a rut - it needs a boost.

ñ  You're no longer excited about going to work and you miss that.

ñ  You're involved in a fight that's too important and you can't walk away from it.

ñ  You're tired of being bullied.


I'm here to help.


If the issue that brings you here is a fight - a dispute, a quarrel, a disagreement - a conflict, please visit my MEDIATION page.

If your issue is related to your career, your personal development, a new job, or work-life balance, please go to my COACHING page.


If you want to know a bit more about me, click on About Delphine.


And of course, if you want more detail about what I do and how I can help, then Contact me.


Delphine du Toit
Eastern Shore
Halifax  Nova Scotia

phone:   (w) (902) 845-2727 (c)  (902) 789-3953
email:  Please send me a message at Contact Us 
Delphine  du  Toit

Coach & Conflict Resolution Specialist

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